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New guide on colonoscopies in China released!

Virtually all of us are guaranteed a few uncomfortable medical experiences in our lifetime. For women, that might mean a Pap smear; for men, that might mean a prostate exam. And then there are colonoscopies, which many men and women will need to experience at least once in their lives.

If you’ve never had a colonoscopy before, and/or have one scheduled soon, it’s a good idea to learn ahead of time about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. To help, our team at Pacific Prime China have curated their knowledge and experience with the procedure to create our newly released Colonoscopy in China Guide.

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Inside our guide on colonoscopies in China

Whether you’ve been referred for a colonoscopy by your doctor, or are experiencing certain symptoms that you feel may need to be investigated via this procedure, reading our guide is a great starting point to widen your knowledge of colonoscopy screenings.

Not only does the guide address what happens before, during, and after the procedure, it also outlines what you can expect to pay for a colonoscopy in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as whether health insurance will cover this type of screening. To address these points in an easy-to-digest format, the guide is divided into the below sections:

  • What you need to know about colonoscopies
    • When will I need a colonoscopy?
    • Are there different types of colonoscopies?
    • The colonoscopy process
  • How much can I expect to pay for a colonoscopy in China?
    • Will my health insurance cover this procedure?
  • The colonoscopy treatment
    • Preparing for your colonoscopy
    • What to expect during the procedure
    • How will I feel afterward?

Brief overview of the three main sections of our new guide

Here, we provide a brief overview of what you can anticipate from our newly released health guide:

What you need to know about colonoscopies

A colonoscopy is a type of screening procedure involving the examination of the colon and rectum to pick up irregularities, such as irregular growths or ulcers. Generally speaking, a doctor will recommend this procedure for:

  • Those aged 50 and above
  • People with a family history of colon cancer
  • People with a history of polyps
  • People who’ve had colorectal cancer
  • Those with specific symptoms

There are two types of colonoscopies in China: sedated and unsedated. There are several key differences between the two, the details of which can be found in our guide.

How much can I expect to pay for a colonoscopy in China?

The actual amount you will need to pay for a colonoscopy in China will, of course, depend on many different factors, including your health insurance, where the procedure is done, and whether a sedative is needed. In Shanghai and Beijing, costs vary significantly and can be anywhere between RMB 1,200 – RMB 25,000. Health insurance can defray such costs, provided that you meet certain conditions (e.g. if you have medical symptoms present).

The colonoscopy treatment

In this section, we look at what you will need to do to prepare for a colonoscopy, and what to expect during and after the procedure:

  • Before the procedure: Laxatives will need to be taken the day before the procedure.
  • During the procedure: The doctor will gently insert the colonoscope into your anus to examine the colon and rectum lining. You can opt for sedated colonoscopy so that the procedure is more comfortable.
  • After the procedure: It is normal to feel bloated over the next few days, but if you experience any irregular symptoms (e.g. rectal bleeding), it’s important to alert your doctor straight away.

Download your copy of the Colonoscopy in China Guide today

For an in-depth look at what you can expect from a colonoscopy in China, download your complimentary copy of the Colonoscopy in China Guide today. As China’s leading insurance specialist, our sales and marketing teams always endeavor to bring transparency to the world of healthcare and insurance. We achieve this through the regular release of industry-leading health guides, and by offering unparalleled service and advice.

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