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6 Tips for a healthy business trip

You are working in the office when suddenly you get a call to go abroad on a business trip.

If you are a person who likes the comfort zone of staying in the office, then you may be a bit hesitant and reluctant to traverse the unknown.

However, for those that appreciate business trips, it can be fun. We get the opportunity to visit various destinations, work and meet different people. And, if time allows, it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved leisure time. All of this sounds great – and to an average person – having the opportunity is truly a perk!

However, during all that excitement is when we forget or even ignore our healthy habits.

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Work during your ordinary routine shouldn’t be any different from your work on a business trip. Yes, we agree that the timezone may be different if traveling from, say, Beijing, China to London, UK. The taste and range of food may also be vastly different. But, surely, we have to make the right choices as health is our priority and choices are available if we insist on looking for them.

In this article, we at Pacific Prime China will provide travelers with some healthy habits to follow while you’re on the go. Here are some simple tips to keep you feeling great:

Tip 1: Plan ahead

When traveling you will be under pressure to pack the necessities and meet the deadline for your travel arrangements. Doing things at the last minute can be immensely stressful, especially if you need to prepare reports or documentation before your next meeting.

Pacific Prime China recommends making a list and double checking what you need, and consider items that are unnecessary. Knowing that your hotel has toiletries and fresh towels provided means you don’t have to take those items. As the popular saying goes, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

Tip 2: Pack healthy, light snacks for your travels

Everyone knows that time is of the essence to get to the airport and go through those standard procedures of security and immigration, as well as further checks. Whilst you engage in those activities you are actually burning calories that will really make your stomach rumble. Spending a few minutes at a grocery store to get some fresh fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks like protein bars are all good for the journey. You want to keep your sugar levels steady so that your energy is slowly released. This will help ensure that you don’t feel lethargic during/after your journey.

Tip 3: Drink plenty of water

The body as we all know is made up of 70% water, which means we have to be drinking plenty of it to ensure we are physiologically functional. Drinking plenty of water will help displace toxins from your body, keep your skin fresh, and concentration levels high. You really don’t want to miss your flight, do you?

Tip 3: Eat healthily

We have all heard about the importance of eating healthily, the news, from your parents, your friends, and now from us. A balanced diet wherever you are is the recommendation that even nutritionists and health specialists promote to us. When traveling and even during your travels, we would suggest the following:

  • Increase your protein intake – protein takes a longer time to digest, which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Carbs, on the other hand, can keep you full as well, but you are more likely to put on weight – especially when you are on a plane traveling for 7 -11 hours or more.
  • Whole grains such as quinoa and oats are better options that will keep you energized for longer.
  • Get vegetables and fruits on your plate, too! Fiber helps clear the digestive system and leave you feeling less bloated, while minerals and vitamins keep you feeling fresh and functional.
  • Avoid consuming food that is high in sugar content when you are away. It may be easy to give in to a chocolate bar or topping up your sugar levels with cakes and biscuits during your meetings abroad, but it’s important to check out healthier options or opt for healthier alternatives like brown sugar. Say no to refined sugar which has had all its bran, fiber, and nutrients stripped out.

Tip 4: Workout to work harder

Take advantage of your hotel’s gym if it has one. Fitting in your regime to break up the schedule can help relieve stress and also keep you motivated. Working out releases chemicals called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body and mind. This will help you stay focused the next time you are interacting with your international colleagues or clients.

Tip 5: Meditation

Wondering why meditation is important? The reason is simple: when we meditate we are dedicating time to enrich our lives with far-reaching and long-lasting benefits. Traveling can be stressful and heading out to unfamiliar territory can overload our senses. Giving yourself time by stopping everything that you are doing, as well as embracing your present self, can help you regain strength and awareness. We get to know our pain and know what needs to be done so we are kinder to ourselves.

What can Pacific Prime China do to help?

Our last giveaway tip really is to ensure you have the right travel or international health insurance that covers your health when you’re abroad.

At Pacific Prime China, we are conscious of the busy schedule and stress you will encounter; so to make your trip smoother and stress-free, our in-house, expert brokers are happy to discuss your international private medical insurance options to ensure you can do all the above. Living a healthy lifestyle and protecting that with health insurance can ensure your business trips are as fun, productive, and successful as they should be.

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