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Follow Pacific Prime on WeChat and be in to win an iPhone 7

Last month, Pacific Prime China was pleased to share the news that it had launched its very own portal on the popular messaging platform WeChat. The Chinese networking app has already begun connecting users to our dedicated WeChat team in China, and we’re loving the engagement. Now that we’re in 2017, Pacific Prime China has decided it’s time to kick its WeChat campaign into overdrive.

上个月, 寰宇保险有幸通过微信上线了我们的公众号。我们非常高兴的看到过去的一个月中微信已经帮助客户与我们专职的微信服务团队沟通。现在我们迈入了2017年,我们决定是时候让更多人的家人和朋友来关注和使用我们的微信平台。

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Follow us on WeChat

WeChat is more than just a messaging app and Pacific Prime China is more than just an insurance broker. Following us on WeChat can ensure that you’ll also have access to some exclusive features such as:

  • Access to our dedicated WeChat servicing centre
  • Keep up to date with current health trends through our news articles
  • New clients can contact us using the WeChat app to get free quotes and insurance




  • 提供点对点与我们的微信服务中心直接沟通
  • 为您实时更新最新的健康潮流内容
  • 新客户能直接使用微信得到免费和专业的保险报价

If you’re not already following us yet, then we’ve got a great incentive to connect with us:

Win an iPhone 7!


We absolutely want as many people as possible following Pacific Prime China on WeChat as we’ve got some great things to share, and truly want to engage as best we can with you through more modern technology. In order to help as many people in China with their insurance needs as possible, we’re making the following offer:

我们当然希望有更多的朋友来关注我们的公众号,因为我们有很多很棒的咨询可以分享给您,同时通过微信可以更好的与您实时互动。为了更好的帮助在中国的朋友们找到最适合的保险计划,我们决定第1000名关注我们公众号(ID: PacificPrime)的用户将赢得一台iPhone7.

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Follow us on WeChat (ID: PacificPrime)
and our 1000th follower will win an iPhone 7!

That’s right, a brand new iPhone 7 will be given away to our 1000th follower! The iPhone 7 has introduced advanced new camera systems, better performance and battery life than ever, fantastic new immersive stereo speakers, and the brightest, most colour display an iPhone has ever produced! Add to this splash and water resistance, and the new iPhone 7 really does shine as the best yet.

您没有看过,第1000名关注者就能带走这台手机。相较前几代产品,iPhone 7虽然外观改变不大,但性能升级十分给力。其性能和电池续航力进一步提升,并带来了新款外观、抗水特性和立体声扬声器;采用触感圆润无缝的机身设计,是首款具备防水溅特性的iPhone。

How to win the iPhone 7?

Follow us! Our WeChat ID is PacificPrime, or you can scan the above QR code to do the job for you. Share our WeChat ID too! The more people you have follow Pacific Prime China on WeChat, the closer you will get to becoming that 1000th like! Share our account on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to really help us reach 1000.



Pacific Prime China

The WeChat account is just one of a number of innovative ways that Pacific Prime China is using to stay ahead in the insurance game. Their experienced experts have been delivering quality insurance solutions to people in China and the rest of the world for more than a decade, and now we’re adapting how we connect with you to make sure we can help more people!

If you’re looking for a free quote, or even just some advice about securing healthcare coverage, then send us a message on WeChat or visit our Pacific Prime China website for more information.



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Disclaimer: Pacific Prime China solely represents, operates and manages locally regulated insurance products and services in the territory of PR China. Any references to Pacific Prime Global Company or Group, the international services, insurance products or otherwise stated written or verbally, is for introduction purposes about our overseas network only as each entity is fully independent.