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Pacific Prime China’s updated Privacy Policy now in effect

In the past week, the European Union’s new data privacy law has come into effect. This regulation is a new framework for data protection that places increased obligations on organizations to keep the personal data of EU citizens more secure. While the regulation is applicable to any organization that offers goods or services across the European Union, Pacific Prime has decided to update the privacy policy in each of our regional offices as a matter of best practice.

This article briefly looks at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as outlining how and why it has changed the privacy policy of Pacific Prime China.

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What is the GDPR?

The European Union’s new data and privacy regulation gives more people control over their personal data. Companies are now expected to implement clearer, less ambiguous privacy policies, and introduce stronger systems to keep data safe. Individuals continue to have the right to view, modify, and request correction or deletion of their personal data where required.

The key difference of the GDPR when compared with other jurisdictions is that it applies to all citizens and residents of the EU, regardless of where they are in the world. It means that any company who works with or sells to EU clients must be compliant with the GDPR if they hold any of said clients’ data whatsoever. This includes companies with operations in China that have customers hailing from the EU.

It’s important to understand that the GDPR, however, doesn’t apply to non-EU residents and citizens, and cannot be enforced with regards to such people. If you’re a Chinese company with a portion of your clients being EU citizens, the GDPR only really requires that you meet its obligations for those individuals – local clients, or those from other countries, can be treated under the same privacy policy you currently use, as long as it complies with those clients’ local data privacy laws, if any.

How has Pacific Prime China updated its own privacy policy?

Our amended privacy policy has been expanded to comply with the GDPR and local laws, while also refreshing the way we explain how and why we collect personal data to make it clearer to all. It still outlines what we do with this data, and the rights you have – regardless of whether the GDPR applies to you or not.

Pacific Prime China’s privacy policy is available on our website, and offers a clear understanding via the following sections:

  • Our stance on data collection, processing, and protection
  • What data is collected
  • Who collects data at Pacific Prime
  • How data is collected
  • Data and consent
  • Why data is collected
  • How data collected is used
  • When data is shared
  • Your rights to view, edit, or delete your data
  • Utilization of cookies

In short, Pacific Prime China only collects data that is contractually necessary to do business. This means the specific data used in order for an insurer to offer and underwrite a plan. We collect this information only as it relates to purchasing the insurance products we offer, and it is all submitted voluntarily by users. We never sell data to third parties, and information provided to third parties is only that which is necessary to provide the services we offer. Further information is never asked from you unless it is required to complete our service.

Why update the whole privacy policy?

Our key business is in international private medical insurance and, as such, we have clients from a range of regions around the world. The EU is one of our key markets, and so we’re compelled to ensure that our privacy policy meets the GDPR standards. In reviewing the necessary changes, we concluded that the GDPR presents a number of “best practice” features that can be applied across all of our offices – strengthening the rights and protections in place for all clients, not just those from the EU.

We’ve also incorporated local privacy policy regulations alongside the GDPR updates where necessary. The updated Pacific Prime China privacy policy, like those in our global and other regional offices, has been effective since May 18, 2018 for all new and existing clients.

Other questions related to our privacy policy changes

Here are some quick questions and answers that can help you better understand the changes made to the Pacific Prime China privacy policy:

  • Is Pacific Prime GDPR compliant now? We have taken every step possible to ensure that our data collection, processing, and storage systems are compliant with the GDPR – as well as any local privacy policies.
  • I am not from the EU – does this law apply to me? The GDPR does not apply to non-residents or citizens of the EU, however we have extended the rights and protections of the new law to all of our clients and website users.
  • What was wrong with the old privacy policy? Pacific Prime has always followed best practice privacy principles, and the old policy offered adequate protection and rights to individuals around the world. This new update to comply with the GDPR has been applied to all Pacific Prime clients and users as an improvement on those “best practices”.
  • Do I need to give Pacific Prime China any extra data? The only time you will be asked for private information is so we may initiate or complete an insurance application on your behalf – and only by your request.

If you have any further questions about our new privacy policy, or you wish to discuss your own personal data, feel free to contact the staff at Pacific Prime China today.

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Disclaimer: Pacific Prime China solely represents, operates and manages locally regulated insurance products and services in the territory of PR China. Any references to Pacific Prime Global Company or Group, the international services, insurance products or otherwise stated written or verbally, is for introduction purposes about our overseas network only as each entity is fully independent.