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Your guide to obtaining long term health insurance is now released

Pacific Prime China is proud to announce the recent release of our new guide to obtaining long term health insurance. The guide is based on the expert knowledge Pacific Prime has gained during its 18 + years in the insurance market. Your Guide to Obtaining Long Term Health Insurance is now free to download, and it’s a must-read for anyone interested in sustainable and reliable health insurance options that will serve them for life.

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About Your Guide to Obtaining Long Term Health Insurance  

If medical insurance is chosen poorly, it can result in an unexpected and high increase in the plan’s premiums. Premiums you can’t afford to pay anymore may force you to change insurers, and in effect, you’ll automatically lose coverage for any pre-existing conditions. Such a situation is very costly, stressful, and generally undesirable.

In this Pacific Prime guide, you’ll get expert advice on how to secure the most cost-effective health care coverage now and in the future. Your Guide to Obtaining Long Term Health insurance addresses the most frequently asked questions about long term health insurance:

  • What is long term health insurance?
  • Why is purchasing a health plan with the long term in mind a smart move?
  • How do I determine an insurer’s stability?
  • Where can you find information on an insurer’s past premium increases?
  • What are the features of an excellent long term health insurance plan?
  • Why should I obtain health insurance through a broker?
  • And more

Key takeaways from Your Guide to Obtaining Long Term Health Insurance  

The majority of our clients share a common goal of finding cost-effective and comprehensive long term health insurance. A long term health plan secures your future medical spending and guarantees you essential coverage in case you develop any chronic diseases, with sustainable annual premium increases. These are only some of the benefits of securing health insurance with the long term in mind. Below you’ll find brief answers to the most common questions clients have about long term health insurance.

What is long term health insurance?

For the purpose of our guide, we define long term health insurance as the act of securing medical coverage with the long term in mind. Long term health plans are therefore secured when the client is healthy and has not yet developed any chronic conditions, and he/she understands that choosing one insurance company and sticking to it will in most cases be more cost-effective and sustainable for his or her health and budget in the long term.

Why should you consider securing a long term health insurance plan?

Obtaining a long term health plan is the smartest move one can make when considering getting medical coverage. Not only does it give you constant protection throughout your lifetime, but it also mitigates potential long term financial loss.

Stable premiums

With the right plan, you can rest assured that your premiums will not increase drastically to unaffordable levels further down the line. Being able to access the medical care you need now and in the future is a privilege that you risk losing by changing insurers frequently.

Continuous care

Staying with one insurer is a beneficial choice for those who are afraid they may develop expensive chronic diseases in the future. And, since chronic diseases are becoming more common in our modern world, insurers won’t offer coverage for a condition they know you will need long term treatment for.

However, if a chronic disease arose during the duration of the plan, an insurer can’t deny you coverage for it, or any other chronic condition you have developed during that time. That’s how long term health insurance gives you access to continuous care without exposing you to any further medical expenses.

Flexibility and constant access to quality healthcare

Another point to make here is that there are plans that can cover you without any age limits, making long term health insurance the right choice for your entire life. When you secure an international health insurance plan, you can be confident that you’ll receive the care you need anywhere you go.

In some cases, you might have to travel to other countries for specialist treatments that are unavailable in your country of residence or be repatriated home to continue treatment. With international health insurance, you can do all of this without worrying about medical costs, and sometimes even transportation costs.

Why should you secure health insurance through a broker?

When making such an important decision, it’s good to get unbiased advice and learn your options. That’s why it’s generally advantageous to seek an insurance broker’s help, especially when selecting health insurance for the long term. Some of the main benefits of securing medical coverage through a broker include:

  • Brokers work with multiple insurance companies and will advise you on the best one for your needs. However, if you go directly to the insurer, you will hear only about their plans, and without knowing all your options, how can you make a thought-through decision?  
  • Brokers have developed strong relationships with insurance companies, meaning that they often have the leverage to negotiate better benefits and premiums for you. They also have an insider’s view on how the organization is doing and can give you valuable information on claims processing times, any small print conditions you should know about, and many more.
  • Brokers, such as Pacific Prime China, have expert knowledge of the market and know the insurer’s stability and premium increase history. This information is a critical factor when shopping for long term health insurance, and having an expert by your side to advise you and present such data is undeniably valuable.

Download Your Guide to Obtaining Long Term Health Insurance  

Now that you have an overview of the subject, it’s time for you to download a complimentary copy of Your guide to obtaining long term health insurance. Learn in more detail about all of the topics that we briefly discussed in this article and gain the necessary knowledge you will need for obtaining the best long term plan.

When you’re ready to talk about health insurance, reach out to Pacific Prime China’s advisors for a free quote and plan comparison, as well as expert advice on the best long term health insurance options.

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