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News & Developments in China Health Insurance

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Aug 08, 2016

Tips for expats on finding a pediatrician in China

If you have a baby on the way, there is practically no end to the thoughts going through your head throughout the day in preparation for his or her arrival. One that may be on the back burner is finding a pediatrician, but there's no time like now to look ahead to your child's medical care. Here we review China's pediatrician situation, and share some tips on how to find the doctor that's right for your child.

Feb 03, 2016

Drug Shortages in China – Will Your Health Be Affected?

A hospital in Jiangsu Province has recently had a shortage of some medications following a spat with drug companies over money, but this problem may not be limited to just Jiangsu. Are you in danger of being cut off from medication you may need while in China? Read on to find out more.

Aug 03, 2015

Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Remission – The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been known to the Eastern world for millenia. What's more is that doctors worldwide are now acknowledging that this ancient science can be combined with modern Western medicine to attack some problems from multiple angles. One of the most important among these is the relief that Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide cancer sufferers. Read on to find out more.

Jun 08, 2015

Cancer and Insurance in Shanghai: A Pre-Existing Condition?

People around the world have to worry about cancer regularly. As the population of China becomes more affluent, lifestyles are becoming more sedentary and people are living longer, which means cancer is a disease that is becoming more prevalent, especially in Shanghai. Here, Pacific Prime reviews cancer in Shanghai and how best to protect yourself from it.

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